We have been delivering content to broadcasters for over 3 decades so you can be sure that your content and delivery is safe in our hands. Our ability to handle all major tape & legacy formats coupled with a state of the art digital platform and experience QC personnel means that we can ensure that your DPP content gets processed and delivered correctly and on time


  1. Ingest – We will ingest your content from multiple formats including Digibeta, HDCAM, HDSR 4:4:4, ProRes, Mpeg and H264.

  2. Autocheck – Your content once ingested is checked – this provides an opportunity for identifying any non compliance issues and in some cases automatic correction i.e. Loudness EBU R128 compliance

  3. Error Correction – an opportunity to correct errors that cannot be automatically fixed, this may require additional work in editing e.g. Flashing & Pattern correction

  4. Recheck – To ensure that all corrections are valid

  5. Eyeball QC – We like to call this the ‘eyes & ears’ – this is a runtime QC of your content to confirm that it’s definitely compliant

  6. Metadata Creation & Application – The Technical and content requirements for each file are unique to every broadcaster and must be applied in the title header of your finished file

  7. Secure Digital Delivery – As a FACT approved member we have a number of options that we can provide, Once we have created your DPP compliant AS-11 OP1A wrapped MXF file we can ensure secure and timely delivery

We’re happy to discuss any specific requirements that you may have so feel free to give us a call.


Intervideo is one of the UK’s major independent facilities for Content Management Content Processing and Content Distribution to national and international Broadcasters and Platforms

Encoding & Transcoding, QC, Asset Management, Digital Delivery, Tape Duplication, File Storage, File Archive, Blu-ray and DVD Authoring & Replication and Content Apps.

We pride ourselves in our technical excellence and customer services which have been honed over 35 years.

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