Our machine room is equipped with a comprehensive range of SD and HD Broadcast VTR’s. From HDCAM-SR, HDCAM and HDD5,  to Legacy formats such as Beta-SP, Digi-Beta, Beta-SX, IMX, DVCAM, DVCPro25/50, D2, D3, D5 and 1”C. We also support TASCAM DTRS DA-88, DA-98HR and SONY DAT Digital Audio machines as well as FOSTEX Multi-Track DVD-RAM Audio.

We also have a range of Umatic Lo/Hi/SP, VHS, S-VHS and DVD equipment.


Alchemist Ph.C HD

The benchmark in hardware based motion compensated standards conversion, offering exceptional SD/HD standards conversion, up, down, and cross conversion as well as aspect ratio conversion with Dolby E and FilmTools options installed.

Alchemist XF

XFile offers the ultimate file based standards and frame rate conversions handling all frame rates and image resolutions from SD, HD, 4K UHD and beyond.

This platform offers unrivalled conversion quality and builds upon the legacy of the classic Alchemist Ph.C platforms.

Teranex SD/HD

A hardware based platform from Black Magic offering high quality motion compensated standards conversion including up/down cross conversion and aspect ratio conversion.

We have some of the best SD/HD legalisers from Eyeheight in order to ensure that all video levels remain safe for Broadcast.


Our edit suites operate in all resolutions supporting Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and DaVinci Resolve and are connected to over 400TB of fast NAS storage.


Our digital delivery service manages all incoming and outgoing digital media files, over high bandwidth fibre broadband using our secure Aspera Faspex and Aspera P2P Server Connection, as well as SIGNIANT Media shuttle and FTP Servers.


We offer encoding from all tape formats and are able to transcode files to virtually any Codec and Wrapper using Amberfin iCR, Telestream Episode Pro and Vantage Platforms.
We are able to create and deliver DPP AS-11 files directly to the Broadcaster using secure high speed fibre Internet connection.


We offer a Full “Eyes & Ears” QC of your tape or file programme material using experienced human operators, in controlled monitoring environments.

Vidchecker is also available for automated AQC. We have the best test and measurement equipment from Tektronix alongside SONY BVM Series CRT, LCD, and OLED displays for critical picture quality assessment in SD/HD and 4K/UHD resolutions.

Our operators can help fix many issues which may arise from these checks, including programme loudness and PSE correction.


Intervideo can offer secure offsite storage facilities at competitive rates for our customers.

We can also archive digital files onto LTO with a Media Asset Management system and provide the ability to securely browse and view content on-line.